AspirasikEATchen Support Project Merah By Kindafresh.Project To Alleviate Period Poverty In The Community

Petaling Jaya, 18th August 2021 – When it comes to making a positive impact in the community, age is just a number. This is especially true with AspirasikEATchen latest collaboration with kindafresh.project. Lead by 5 amazing girls, Alyssa Alwyn, Afrina Suhaimi, Elli Khaleela, Nursyazrina and Zahirah Azman who started the initiative with an aim to make changes by carrying out projects that would benefit the community.

Kindafresh.project launched its first social project on 25th July 2021 through an Instagram post by educating the public about period poverty. Often regarded as a sensitive or taboo topic in the community, kindafresh.project wishes to break the stigma and educate the public that period or menstrual cycle is a normal and natural biological process for women. Thus, no one should be ashamed to request or offer sanitary pads as it is also considered a basic necessity.

According to kindafresh.project’s posting on Instagram, they found that women often find themselves needing to choose between sanitary pads and groceries as these items usually range on the expensive side of the monthly budget. During the pandemic where some families struggle to make ends meet, some women resort to unhygienic and dangerous methods to manage their period which may also result in health issues in the future.

Hence, started the group first project, Projek Merah. A project that wishes to make positive changes in period poverty, which unfortunately is a common situation in Malaysia. Aside from educating the public on period poverty and how it can greatly affect women in a long run, kindafresh.project also conducted crowdfunding to raise donations through its social media postings.

From 26th July 2021 until 11th August 2021 the group has successfully raised a total of RM8901.88 for their cause. With the fund collected from the public, they purchased 910 packs of Kotex sanitary pads to donate to those in need. The project ended on 18th August 2021 when all sanitary pads were dropped at kEATchen, Ara Damansara to be distributed during the kEATchen Foodbank initiative every Wednesday and Sunday from 4 pm-6 pm.

We thank kindafresh.project for their effort and contribution to the community. Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your noble cause! We wish kindafresh.project all the best in future endeavours and look forward to making more positive changes in the future.

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