Those Who Work Together Builds Brighter Future

AspirasikEATchen aspires in building a better nation. We believe that those who work together could build anything greater than the other.

In achieving our goal of serving a new hope to those people who struggle to keep their family afloat during this difficult time, we are very ambitious that providing these people with a job opportunity would help to lift up their burden.

However, we acknowledge that AspirasikEATchen are not able to do this alone. By having a strong support by any companies, we know that we could achieve a great result in serving a new hope.

CXL Group Sdn Bhd


CXL’s humble beginnings started in 2008 as CareerXcell, focused on training and placing unemployed graduates to help reduce unemployment rates in the country and ensure our graduates are better equipped to join the workforce. Over the years, the company’s growth led to establishing the contingent workforce division in 2010 to support the rising demand of the gig economy in Malaysia.

Armed with years of experience in the HR industry and knowledge in statutory compliance, CXL Group Sdn Bhd partnered up with AspirasikEATchen in providing employment opportunities to kEATchen Foodbank’s beneficiaries. This noble efforts by CXL Group Sdn Bhd will definitely help AspirasikEATchen to serve new hope to these people.

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